Inspired by lawyers, created for lawyers.

About BlueKnows

Combined Shape

‘A quantum leap in work process optimization.’

BlueKnows is a simple solution to a complex problem. Anyone in the firm can easily access the platform and enter key achievements. And then with just one click, BlueKnows intelligently assembles the information in the correct format for a winning piece.

So, no more chasing colleagues for work highlights. No more staring at a blank page. BlueKnows pulls all the information together and gives you a strong start to creating winning marketing materials. You can you invest your time, energy and brainpower in something else on your to-do-list.


See how it looks!

The dashboard gives you an overview of all commercial actions of your firm.  All recent or ongoing matters, publications, pitches, submissions, and activities, even a social media calendar, can be found on one page. By using the relative taps on the right of your screen you can start creating a pitch, a submission, a quick note or adding a new matter to your database.

The brand page assembles all corporate identity materials of your firm:  logos, color codes, fonts, corporate photos, contact details etc. can be easily accessed and exported via this page for diverse commercial purposes. This way, the firm is represented on any platform with the same authentic elements of its corporate brand identity.

The BlueKnows Matter View gives a comprehensive and up-to-date overview of your firms matters: client name, matter name, status of the matter, concerned practice, partners and industry etc.  A full set of filters allow you to find a specific matter in one click, or have access to all the matters belonging to a specific filter (ex : all IP work from 2020). From here you can also reach the details of any matter.

BlueKnows helps you create the first draft of the content you need for any pitch or any legal directory submission (Chambers, Legal 500 etc.) via a few clicks thanks to a filtering process specifically created for your firm. It also gives access to all previously created pitches, presentations and submissions.

The BlueKnows marketing calendar centralizes your firm’s marketing and communication actions that are planned on its’ social media channels. Users can exchange directly on the platform, give and receive feedback on the upcoming publications. This feature takes your social media planning to another level by giving a sophisticated overview to an interactive agenda. You can easily and quickly work together with your marketing teams to create the best content for your firm’s social media channels.


What can you do with BlueKnows?

Pitch & submission library

Up-to-date overview of all commercial deliverables

Credential database

Up-to-date overview of all commercial deliverables

Brand identity page

Easy access to your firm’s matters, publications, referees etc.

Multilingual versions

Use BlueKnows in your own language

Automated pitch & submission export

A step-by-step export module to create winning pitches & submissions 

Commercial lawyer profiles

Make use of the latest bio’s, photos, quotes of all legal specialists

Commercial data analysis

Real time analysis on commercial performance



Marketing calendar

Schedule marketing activities ahead (social media post, events, deadlines)